Tennis coaching for adult improvers

Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Kingston and Hampton

There is no greater satisfaction than hitting the perfect tennis shot!

Best Tennis group tennis lessons for improvers in Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Kingston and Hampton are for adults who are looking to improve their game and hone their playing technique.

Group tennis coaching for adult improvers takes place at all of the locations listed below across Richmond upon Thames.

To book: check out the locations and click the book coaching button, or if specified, call the number provided

What will be covered at our tennis coaching sessions:

  • Improving your serve
  • The slice
  • Drop shots
  • The smash
  • Back hand and forehand techniques
  • The volley
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Upcoming Improvers Tennis Courses for Adults

Richmond - Adult Improvers

Jul - Aug 2019

Old Deer Park courts (Outdoor)Saturdays10am - 1120 Jul - 24 AugImprovers£72
Old Deer Park courts (Outdoor)Sundays12pm - 121 Jul - 25 AugImprovers£72
Old Deer Park courts (Outdoor)Wednesdays7pm - 8.3024 Jul - 21 AugImprovers£90

Twickenham - Adult Improvers

Jun - Jul 2019

Twickenham School (Outdoor)Wednesdays8.30pm - 9.304 Jun - 17 JulImprover£84
Twickenham School (Outdoor)Thursdays7.15pm - 8.305 Jun - 18 JulImprover£105

Hampton - Adult Improvers

Jun - Jul 2019

Hampton Sports Centre (Outdoor)Tuesdays7pm - 83 Jun - 16 Jul Improvers£84Contact
Hampton Sports Centre (Outdoor)Sundays12pm - 19 Jun - 14 JulImprovers£72Contact

Teddington - Adult Improvers

Jun - Jul 2019

Teddington Sports Centre (Outdoor)Saturdays10am - 11am9 Jun - 14 Jul£10 p/weekCall 020 3772 2999
Teddington courses cannot be booked online. Please call the Richmond Council Booking Line on 020 3772 2999 to book (9am - 4pm Weekdays)

Kingston - Adult Improvers

Jun - Jul 2019

Kings Field (Outdoor)Mondays8pm - 93 Jun - 15 Jul Improvers£84Email
Kings Field (Outdoor)Fridays2pm - 36 Jun - 19 Jul Improvers£84Email

Philip’s lessons and courses are enjoyable as well as challenging. I’ve been coached by him for nearly a year and even though I am moving away, I think I will still be coming to his great lessons.

Phillip is a great coach; young, motivated and reliable, but most of all he knows his tennis!

In rain and in sunshine Phil is a cool, calm and clear teacher. Always a good atmosphere and people respond well to him and his lessons. Thanks Phil – really enjoying playing tennis again.

Phil, I have taken lessons before, thinking that I am hopeless! You’ve made me believe that I can learn. Thank you.

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