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Great to have a course focused on Doubles

Most social tennis is played in the Doubles format – but sadly, there is very little doubles tennis on the TV and little appreciation of the excitement, skill and tactical acumen required to play doubles successfully.

It is brilliant to see ‘Best Tennis’ offering the opportunity to spend time on court, studying and gaining awareness of how to play successful Doubles. The course covers critical aspects such as positioning (both in terms of self, one’s partner as well as where the opposition are), appropriate shot selection and how to deal with various matchplay scenarios.

I have enjoyed the sessions as they are run with good humour, acceptance of whatever skill level a participant has, memorable tips and sensible responses to queries and points made. I liked the opportunity to play a trial game and then have the coach point out either what went right or where things could have been done better.

For me, it has been useful to play with people who I have never met before and therefore I have had to develop an appreciation of their level and how I can adapt my game to accommodate them.

I thoroughly recommend this approach to Tennis coaching and it is marvellous to see this group of coaches putting on opportunities that I have yet to see offered anywhere else.