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Best Tennis Matchplays

What is a Matchplay?

  • A Round Robin style tournament
  • For players with LTA ratings
  • No overall winner
  • Play at least 3 matches
  • Minimal waiting time
  • Held outdoors

Find Local Matchplays

Although Best Tennis run a number of matchplays throughout the year, there are plenty of other options locally for our players to compete regularly. You can view all of the matchplays from all providers below:

  • Team Challenge Events (Fun Matchplays for less experienced players)
  • LTA Matchplays (For more experienced players who have an LTA Rating)

Click here to view Matchplays

How do I get an LTA rating?

To get FREE LTA MEMBERSHIP (+ Rating) with BEST TENNIS, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the LTA Website
  2. Click on the “Club Membership” option (FREE)
  3. Write “Old Deer Park” in the “LTA Registered Place To Play” Field
  4. Complete your personal details and submit
British Tennis LTA

Want to improve your game?

Check out our tennis coaching courses for children and adults.