His work is excellent

I am not used to write comments but today, I felt that I need to do so as the position of Philip in Old Deer Park is in danger.
It is a formidable opportunity my son had to be able to learn and improve his tennis with Philip.
We started with my big one years ago, and Philip raised a confident tennis player and competition lover. His work is excellent, he knows how to work with children, they are always happy and focused. The courses run smoothly, with always encouragements and lovely way to congratulate them at the end of each session.
The tennis techniques of my son were improving (as witnessed on other grounds). Philip speaks with the kids about their tennis strengths and weaknesses, make them involved in their progress.
I was so happy that my little one will be with him this year.
I started with private courses because I thought it was better ( like any parent who thinks that private is the best), but it was no long that I discovered that Philip manage to deal with each child as if they were in a private lesson (with a different price).
I think that Philip master the management of these tennis courses, all over the year (term time and holidays) for our kids to grow good tennis player, tennis lover and more, tennis “connaisseurs”, and I am sure it is not an easy task.
He wins and deserves all my respect and I am looking forward to be able to entrust the tennis future of my kids with him.