Kneller Gardens

Kneller Gardens
West Twickenham


4 outdoor courts, open 7 days a week during daylight hours, children and adults, free car parking, cafe

Our Courts are located half way between Whitton and Twickenham Green. Free parking is available on the streets surrounding Kneller Gardens. Whitton station is the closest station, with just a 10 minute walk to access our courts.

We operate private and group coaching at Kneller Gardens.

Upcoming Courses for Children in Twickenham

Toddlers (Age 3-5) Courses

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Mini Red (Age 5-8) Courses

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Mini Orange (Age 7-9) Courses

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Mini Green (Age 8-11) Courses

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Junior (Age 11-16) Courses

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Upcoming Courses for Adults in Twickenham

Adults Beginners

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Adult Improvers

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Adult Advanced

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Adult Socials

Players should be able to rally, serve and understand how to score

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